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What You Can Do to Stop Great People from Jumping Ship

Benefits of This Recording:

Employee turnover is the silent killer of workplace productivity. When good employees leave, you suffer hits to productivity, morale, and institutional knowledge - not to mention the hard dollar costs of finding and training new talent.

From this practical 60-minute recording, you'll learn the tools needed to combat turnover and create an environment where your best employees will thrive. Here are ten things you will immediately be able to take-away and apply in your workplace:

  1. What you can do today to inspire your best employees
  2. How to reduce turnover - by becoming an "employer of choice"
  3. Motivational tools that works better than money
  4. What your best employees expect - and how to deliver
  5. Retention dos and don'ts – you need to know
  6. Management styles that help (and hurt) morale
  7. Proven ways to increase employee loyalty
  8. Learning what high-performers value - and don't value
  9. The power of praise: how to use it most effectively
  10. Why great people jump ship – and what you can do to keep them


We're so confident you'll get what you want out of this conference that we'll refund every penny if you're not completely satisfied. No questions asked! It's 100% risk-free!

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